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    I have been thinking a lot about my exercise training schedule and my Massage Therapy college schedule - which I am starting in October.

    It is extremely important and necessary that sleep and exercise come before anything else in my life. Even though I won't be working while I go to college (unless disaster strikes) college will obviously take up a lot of time.

    But I finally decided on afternoon classes (my college offers them 4x a day) so that I can exercise first thing in the morning!

    Obviously running is my first love. In the next month, or so, I should be able to safely claim 7 miles as my base run - which takes me 2 hours maximum. My goal, by October, is to do two, 10 mile runs a week - in 2 hours max.

    The only way I can see to get from what I can do now, to there, is strength training. I have finally started going to the gym, so I plan to increase that until I can do the two, 10 milers a week, in 2 hours max.

    I am going to have a personal trainer put together a strength plan to offset the stresses of doing massage therapy.


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