Toes on Roads Competition - May

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    Anyone wanting to log their running miles here is a good place. Here are the rules for this month.

    or here it is:

    We have had three months now in which the team running the most cumulative miles received the first place in the country ranking.
    In May, it will be a bit different.
    We now resume the mode of calculation which was similarly applied in last September's ToRC:
    Individual distances are first transformed into "points" and these points are added up for the country ranking.
    Everyone running at least 10 km receives 1 point.
    Everyone running at least 25 km receives 2 points.
    Everyone running at least 50 km receives 3 points.
    This means that a team with many runners, each doing a moderate mileage, will have a better chance of winning than a team with just a few runners accumulating huge individual distances.
    So, emphasis is somewhat transferred from the individual towards the team performance.

    Anyway, individual champions will of course still be determined by their absolute mileages and announced in the conclusion of the month.
    Also, the two categories "total distance" and "barefoot distance" will remain.

    The handling of the spreadsheet
    stays the same as in April.
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