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    Although I do not know him or his family, Barefoot Rick Roeber of Lee's Summit, MO could use your thoughts and prayers. His wife, MO State Representative, Rebecca Roeber was in a car accident in late March. According to his facebook posts, she has had multiple surgeries over the past weeks.

    I don't believe Barefoot Rick is a BRS member, but he owns and has run over 29K barefoot miles since October 2003.

    You could follow or drop a message on facebook -
    As mentioned, I do not know Barefoot Rick, he has nothing to do with this post, and doesn't even know about this post at the moment of its creation - I just stumbled across him during a google search.
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    We hope and pray for the best for Rebecca. Rick is a currently, inactive member of the BRS and a friend of mine and many others here. I met Rick and his wife years back when I traveled to run with him in the barefoot runner division at the Omaha Half Marathon. We had a nice pre-race dinner and got to talk about things other than barefoot. They are a beautiful couple.

    Thanks for your kind post.
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