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    Been testing out the new xero prios for about a month or so now (having won them in a BRS give away contest recently). -already posted this on the gear/footwear forum, but forgot to copy it to this review section...:confused:

    These are my thoughts:


    The first thing to mention, and also I think an extremely important starting point is how these size up compared to other footwear.

    On Xero’s own website,, as well as in other comments I’ve seen on the web, the fact that these size up quite small is already very clearly made. And it’s certainly true.

    To illustrate, this is how they measure up visually against the Xero z-trek:


    The foot on the left is the nice clean new prio -size 9 (U.S.). The foot on the right is my well used z-trek, size 8 (U.S.)!

    Given that they are an enclosed toe-box I think it is essential to make sure you don’t opt for a size too small in order to avoid potential rubbing, etc… and either subsequent disappointment, or the frustration of having to return and re-order, etc...

    The moral of the story, therefore, is simply believe what the Xero site tells you about the size selection (& then add a bit for luck…;)).


    Obviously this is entirely subjective, but personally I think the prios look great!

    They are probably the closest in appearance to more ‘usual’ training shoes that I have seen amongst minimalist footwear. – I know appearance isn’t necessarily a massive factor for everyone, but if you are perhaps a little bit self conscious, these are definitely just the ticket! I probably use them the most for visits to the gym & they certainly don’t look out of place there. So if you’re bothered about that kind of thing then these will work pretty well for you.


    The shoes come with a removable insole, which you can insert or leave out, depending on preference.

    I wear mine without socks and without the removable insole. I just like to feel as much of the ground beneath my feet as possible and I found when I tried it that even the insertion of the insole, which is incredibly thin itself, makes a significant difference in sensation/feedback from your feet.

    On trickier surfaces, however, I can perhaps imagine that the additional cushioning might well be considered appropriate.

    Wearing them as I do I found them to be instantly comfortable.

    No rubbing (ref comments above re sizing) & a fairly good width. Also very comfortable around the ankle and the top of the foot, which is a feeling I’m not used to (spending most of my time in either the z-treks or barefoot).

    With more substantial traditional shoes I know that we have been brainwashed into often accepting a short period of ‘breaking in’ while either the shoes give a little or, more likely, your feet give in and ‘re-shape’ themselves to fit the inside of the shoe! This is most definitely not something you need to worry about with the prios.

    In conclusion I would score these very highly on comfort.


    Most of my wear in these is either in the gym, or around town when the z-treks are maybe not suitable. They work extremely well in the gym environment and are great out and about too.

    However, as a more challenging test I took these for a hike up a couple of mountains in the English Lake District –total climb approx. 2600ft; total distance covered approx. 10 miles.

    This is an example of the type of terrain covered:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I admit I was unsure as I started as to whether I might have been asking too much of the prios on this trip (especially without socks & insoles).

    However, I am pleased to say they performed excellently. I could feel every contour of the mountain surface and they afforded my feet a good level of protection throughout.

    Although my legs definitely ached a bit when I’d finished, my feet were absolutely fine. Not a single blister or point of soreness! (which I had been concerned that I might encounter when I set out -even if only a little bit).


    Putting it simply I found these to be an excellent minimalist shoe.

    I will continue to wear them regulary to the gym and also out and about when the weather is perhaps a bit too harsh in Winter for open footwear, or if I need something a bit more substantial than the z-treks.

    And just for the record, these are a couple of the views from the top of the mountain:

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