The best huarache straps I've yet found

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    Are these:

    First time I came across these was at a craft store near my work a few years ago. I got them only because I thought they looked comfortable. The material itself is much thinner than the leather straps I've normally used so I just assumed they wouldn't be durable enough for running.

    After a full year of casual use on my old Luna Monos that I don't run in anymore the leather straps on my Luna Origens I use for running got nasty/crusty with sweat so I gave the "faux suede" laces a try for running. I'm still going in them a year later! Pretty impressive longevity. They may not be made of actual leather and I'm not sure what they are made of but it's really good material.

    They're comfy from day 1, are just elastic enough to secure well but not restrictive, don't cause blisters, don't get crusty/nasty with salty sweat and just haven't broken yet. I'm not vegan so I wasn't looking for a vegan alternative to leather but I have some friends who are that have been desperate for a vegan alternative to paracord. If these really are vegan they do the trick.

    I'm sure there are other sellers out there. The link above actually gets you two 36" lengths. If you like to coil your huarache laces around your ankles these likely wouldn't work unless you can find somewhere that has these in longer lengths.

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