Terra Plana "Neo" anyone?

Discussion in 'Gear & Footwear' started by Piggyback RidePlease, Mar 9, 2011.

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    I see Terra Plana have a new shoe called the "Neo" which looks a bit like the "Evo" but are less money.

    For me the main problem with the Evo II was that it rubbed my Achilles heel tendon area (even with socks & a plaster) until I had to give them up. I guess this was not a problem for many people but it was my #1 problem with them of course... so I'd love to hear if they are different in this respect.

    Second problem for me with the Evo II but that is the same for almost all shoes is the slap when walking. I hate that.

    Anyone tried those Neos... review?
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    I'm reviewing them on my blog

    I'm reviewing them on my blog in a week or so.
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    None for me, thanks (no room

    None for me, thanks (no room for the toes to splay in the Evo or its derivatives). Since huarache-running weather is almost back, I'm holding off on buying shoes until the companies get their missconceptions about minimalist running shoes worked out (hopefully before next Winter).

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