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    Date Reviewed: 02/14/2011
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    Barefoot Friendliness: 2 Above Average


    Surf City, USA
    Pacific Coast Highway
    Huntington Beach, CA
    See map: Google Maps


    This is my 3rd marathon of 2011 and 5th race of the year. I had actually run a 10k the day before so wasn't feeling in the greatest of shape for this one.

    I dressed up in my Kilt and Lunas like I always do on marathon day and my friend and I took off on a 7:25 - 7:30 pace. We initially tried sticking with the 3:20 pacers but they were all over the place pace-wise so we opted to go on our own after mile 2. I didn't pay too much attention to the first 8 miles but nothing seemed too rough out there. There were a few transitions from pavement to paved bike paths and such which may contain some debris such as tree droppings that could hurt but nothing major. There was also a section containing a small rise in elevation which could force you to push off if you were trying to maintain a quick pace.

    Now mile 8 is where it got interesting for me. The knot under the bottom of my left sandal broke and so I stopped to take them off, told my partner to continue on without me, and I'd try to tackle the course barefoot. Much better then I thought. The asphalt was really nice and I was able to get back to my pace and even catch up to my buddy (got a nice look of astonishment from him as well). There were a few sections that were a tad rough and I decided to save my feet by either running on the white line or on sections that were a little smoother due to built up tar/oil. Nothing really bothered me much and we were still able to cruise at a 7:25 pace and even dip into the 6:00's on the downhill portions.

    At around mile 14 we started an out n back section where I got to what the future had in store and I started to get worried.

    Mile 18 arrived and we transitioned from the main road to a bike path running along the beach. Think of chip n seal on a bike path with a gravelly dirt trail running alongside it. Pain! Again I said good bye to my friend and decided to try walking it. Even walking on the small gravel path wasn't happening as it hurt too much and was causing me to limp.

    Soon the 3:30 pace group caught up and passed me and I started becoming frustrated since I was hoping for a 3:20 finish time. I then realized it would be quicker to relace the sandals then to continue on like I was. And so I stopped and fixed the sandals. The sandals made the path tolerable but I could still feel everything below my feet. The crappy section of the path lasted for about a mile then became smooth. We then turned around and ran the section again.

    I ended up with a 3:30:30 finish time but no thanks to that section from hell. Surf City is mostly barefootable but that particula section will have your feet killing you. All in all it is about 2 miles broken down into 2 sections.
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