Sunday May 6th

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    Hi All,

    Our first meetup is Sunday May 6th at 3pm. On Google Maps do a search for Haywood Drive and Arboretum Drive, Madison, WI. This will give you a point at that intersection right on Wingra Creek. I will bring a blanket, my wife and kids and some food, maybe even a grill if I get ambitious. From that point in time and space we could run or walk along the creek on a path, or head into the arboretum for some trails. I'm happy just to sit about if that's all we do.

    There are at least 4 or 5 people who have written that you are injured right now. I think it would be really excellent you come even if you just stroll around a bit and enjoy the afternoon together bitching about injuries (good-naturedly of course). I've been there and would be happy to give any advice I could. I was a personal trainer for many years and might be able to help. Bring your families if you like, let's make an afternoon of it.

    I would love to have a good showing this coming Sunday as it will be our first, but in the words of Barefoot Kenbob: "I'm happy just to have another person to run barefoot with". So even if only one other person shows, I will consider it a success.

    Best wishes and hope to meet you all soon,

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