St. Augustine FL - International Barefoot Running Day

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    St. Augustine Florida - International Barefoot Running Day Event

    This years event will be a barefoot breakfast run!!! We will meet at Syner-Qi, LLC (4075 A1A South - parking in front and rear) 7:15am - Our run will start at 7:30am, pavement run (2.25 miles) to the beach for breakfast, then we will walk/jog/or run back on the beautiful St. Augustine Beach. Shorter run than last years 5K -- but we get to enjoy breakfast at the beach together, share our barefoot adventures - (then 2.25 miles back). For those of you that do want a longer run, please let me know and I can arrange the course, distance and group you together. Contact Steven Shomo at or 904-347-7991.

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