Spring is here.

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    After a seemingly long wet winter, which the weather people has said is no wetter than normal, there are a few hints of Spring. Buds are appearing on the deciduous trees (most of the native trees keep their leaves all year round) and spring flowers are in full bloom.
    I have high hopes that the spring will see the rivitalisation of my running as my long time knee issue is fixing itself after almost a year. The work at the gym must be paying off.
    It was only when I came to do squats that I realised that just because I run doesn't mean I have strong legs. I was surprised how little weight I could move without not being able to sit down or walk for a week. I started off at a lowly 25kg, I was a bit embarrassed as a woman who had been on there previously was lifting 75kg without much difficulty.
    After a three months of persistence I am now up to 50kg and this is helping the muscles around the knee get back into balance.
    Our small running group went out for a run on Saturday after forgoing the previous months run due to heavy rain.
    I shall keep up the squat work in the gym as well as the running to get a better balance in my fitness.


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    Ah, delightful. I miss spring, my favorite season. Spring is a renewing of all things...your health included.

    We're going into fall here in the southeast US.

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