Spring in Colorado and gravelled sidewalks

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    Finally warmth.
    after snow storms that lasted well into May we finally had summer arrive.
    It's amazing how intense the sun is here in Denver. You'd think that being a mile closer to a sun that is a million miles away would make no difference but it definitely does. While the weather is nice the sun makes all the difference.
    The biggest issue now is all the gravel on the sidewalks. Since they use a combination of a salt and gravel on the roads during the winter a lot of that gets shot up onto the sidewalks lining streets. Over half of my running is on two concrete bike trails that are away from the road but there is a section of about a mile that goes along a street and it's torture. Think I'm going to have to take a broom with me next time and clean off the sidewalk one time instead of grumbling about it every time I do run on it.
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    Of course I'm sure you realize, it isn't the mile closer to the sun that makes the difference. It's the mile less atmosphere the sunlight travels through.
    Today's science tidbit.

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