Spring can't get here soon enough.

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  1. Hello from Dubuque,

    I was going barefoot for a while, but the cold and the ice melt/salt that's all over the place made it near impossible to continue. So I've been putting in some treadmill time waiting for spring to come. We finally had a beautiful day this past Sunday where it got up to 40 degrees, so I strapped on the Xero shoes and put in just under six miles. I'll be damned if I couldn't feel the salt right through the soles. Irritating, but not debilitating. Even with the wind chill, it was fantastic, and it made me yearn for spring, or the end of winter anyway. What has anyone else been doing?

    What is everybody planning for this year? Myself? I'm going to run some races totally barefoot year (it'll be a first for me), possibly even the Benefit Classic Half Marathon. If not barefoot, then in my Xero Shoes for sure. I'll have to get a new pair, though, as these are wearing thin.

    Go out with your toes out!
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