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    Apr 3, 2012
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    Reviewed by: JoshM813
    Date Product Reviewed: 08/28/2011
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    I ordered the new Moc3 from SoftStar's website, followed their sizing guide and my foot fit perfectly. The moccasin itself is very breathable and the upper is very soft against the skin and feels just plain amazing, because of this the shoe may seem somewhat loose but it is snug and will not fall off. Ground feel I will say is better than KSOs, the shoes only have a 2mm Vibram sole really makes you feel the ground very well. Closest I've felt to barefoot without actually being barefoot. The sole on the inside is textured to keep your foot from slipping around which it actually does a good job on. The thing is I've used these a couple times on a walk back after my run when my feet are on fire, these dont alleviate any of the burning sensation because of the textured surface. As for the toe box my feet fit comfortably in the shoes with some slight room for splaying but it still felt a little cramped. This could just be my foot because I also barely had wiggle room in front of my toes as well. So I imagine if your feet aren't right at the "I just barely fit this size" mark. The toe box will be wider allowing for more toe splay.

    All in all if you are a very experienced barefoot runner that just wants a little minimalist protection every now and then this is a great option especially over huaraches since you dont have to deal with all the tying. Great ground feel and amazing upper make this a great minimalist footwear.

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