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    I've been living barefoot for over 12 years now, but just like gloves, sometimes even the most hardened barefooter should consider putting something on their feet.

    If i'm riding long distances on my scooter and it's cold, or if i'm riding my road bike with cleated peddles, or if i'm roller skating on my inlines i've found that my feet are sooooo much happier when i wear these socks...

    I'm size 8 and skinny, they fit me, but i would consider not bothering if you're over a size 9 or have very chunky feet. They only come in one size - unfortunately.

    The great thing i've found with them is that they have a really grippy sole on the bottom so when you put your foot in said footwear you pull them by the ankle really tightly and they grip tightly to your insole stopping your toes moving forward and keeping them nice and separated and really giving you good proprioception.

    They are not the same as full toed socks. These allow your toes to feel and move much better which really adds to the proprioception. Even after 6 hours slog on my road bike my feet and toes are happy still - which i never get with full socks, enclosed toed socks or not wearing socks.

    Anyways, just thought i'd mention them, they're very cheap and well worth a try for those times you have to wear footwear. I don't put footwear on without them now.

    Have fun and buy ya feet a christmas present this year.

    No, this isn't an advert, i have no connection to seller other than i buy all my socks from them cause they're amazing - and very cheap! :)
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