Shoe problem or form problem?

Discussion in 'Gear & Footwear' started by elimenop, May 2, 2021.

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    Hi folks. Thanks in advance for any insight!

    I've been wearing through the outer metatarsal area of my minimalist shoe soles after just around 230 miles. With both Merrill Vapor Glove and New Balance Minimus shoes, I go right through the rubber sole and then the foam in what seems like no time, with my left shoe wearing through well before my right.

    I am a very recreational runner, averaging 10 miles a week. I taught myself to run (genuinely) barefoot about a decade ago, but quickly switched to minimalist sneakers. My only "injury" is a consistently tight/sore left hamstring.

    Do you think I:

    a) need better form?
    b) need to suck it up and buy shoes more often?
    c) need shoes with a more rugged sole? (Please recommend brands!)

    Many thanks! shoe sole.jpg
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    If the cause is that something in your body is out of alignment, perhaps a chiropractor or good massage therapist can help.
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    Welcome to you!

    You mentioned your left side twice. Looks like maybe start there. Have you considered running straight barefoot though? Save all that money having to go through shoes so often? :D:barefoot:
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    Hi there,
    It looks like you have an ankle locking issue. I had a similar problem and went to see a muscular skeletal guy and he just did a real simple test.
    I lay on my back on a table when he checked the range of rotation in each ankle. One was terrible, the other was better. All he did then was apply pressure in a quick push to the fibula bone and the ankle then rotated with a much greater angular distance and it felt like I was walking flatter as opposed to more on the outer edges of my foot. Look for someone to do that test for you.


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    Well, shoes don't wear out that much without friction, so there's probably serious amount of it, either on landing or push off, muscle usage at running is somewhat complicated, hamstring is probably involved on both... You could try running on loose gravel to hear which one it is. Or barefoot, and feel it, maybe even fix the problem.
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