Seven Ways Running Helped Me Cope With My Brother’s Death

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    Seven Ways Running Helped Me Cope With My Brother’s Death
    If you’re a caretaker or grieving, then running may be the most important thing you continue to do.
    By BRS Member, N. L. Coto, PhD

    My brother died on July 9, and the only run I missed while caretaking and grieving was on July 9 itself. Did I feel guilty going for my runs as my brother fought pancreatic cancer? Absolutely. I felt like a heartless, insensitive, and selfish bitch. Yet, something pushed me out the door.

    Manny was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June of 2022, but he kept it private. When I commented on his weight loss during a FaceTime call in September 2022, he told me that he had quit carbs. I believed him because he lived in LA and quitting carbs is what people in LA do. I live on the east coast, run, and eat lots of carbs.

    In November 2022, five months after his diagnosis, he finally told me about the pancreatic cancer, but, he assured me, they had caught it very early.

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    Sorry for the loss!!!
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