Running Tips From Barefoot Runners: What all runners can learn from taking our shoes off

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    Running Tips From Barefoot Runners
    What all runners can learn from taking our shoes off. Post 1 of 3
    By BRS Member, N. L. Coto, PhD

    Remember barefoot running? How about when everyone was wearing those funny looking five-toed shoes? It’s been a while. Over ten years to be exact.

    (Disclaimer: this post contains links to Amazon. If you want to get the books/products I’ve enjoyed, I make money through the affiliate marketing links. Win-win for both of us!)

    What is barefoot running?

    Barefoot running is exactly what it sounds like: running in your bare feet, skin-to-ground.

    However, some shoe companies advertise their minimalist running shoes and sandals as “barefoot” running shoes. This misnomer is a sore spot in the barefoot running community (which I’ll likely address in a future post).

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