Running the length of Britain to John o'Groats for charity and to raise awareness

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    Inspired by the book born to run I have been inspired to pursue running to find happiness and peace in such a chaotic world. You have helped inspire me in my decision to run the length of Britain.

    In this adventure I am to traverse Britain Lands End to John o'Groats by running. I aim to mirror the life of the Tarrahumara tribe as closely as possible, by living the most simplistic lifestyle raising money for our chosen charity Mary's Meals. The trip will be exploratory; I hope to prove the notion a modern running lifestyle by a modern generation, being only 20 years of age. After such a trip I am hoping to inspire other young people to complete their own challenges.

    Mary's Meals is a charity with a simple idea, they give children a meal at school, thus prevent starvation while achieving the education of children. I have supported this charity on numerous occasions and this trip aims to help with their aim of feeding over one million children; I raised £3000 pounds for them when becoming the youngest person to cross Iceland, later £4000 pounds when cycling a pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem and £3000 when retracing Genghis Khans longest invasion route by bicycle.
    See links:

    Mary's Meals - Inspired by Child 31
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    Would mind giving me a little inspirational quote for me regarding my adventure?
    Also any advice would be greatly appreciated?
    Please could you inform your members about my adventure to help inspire others in case they may want to join or help out in any way.
    Please see link:
    Running Britain. : Explorers Connect : Adventure shared
    Running Britain.

    Please reply with any questions.

    Kind Regards,
    William White

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