Run For Rwanda 2013 w/ Barefoot Division

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    Hi all,

    I'm a barefoot runner that's been lurking on the list for many years now. This year, I'm the race director for the Run For Rwanda, a charity 5k in Colorado Springs to raise money for a health clinic in Kibali, Rwanda. The race is also run simultaneously in Rwanda (we coordinate a simultaneous start via phone) and most of the runners in Kibali are barefoot and still run pretty astonishing times usually faster than our Colorado Springs times.

    I actually originally discovered and ran the race 3 years ago because they have a barefoot division to compete in. I thought some of you Colorado barefooters might also be interested in running it and I think it'd be awesome to have some more experienced barefooter competition this year. I will say that all the prizes are handcrafted by our friends in Rwanda and are completely unique and awesome (I have a couple hand-carved trophies as the winner of the barefoot division the last two years).

    Anyway, check it out and register @ or share it with your friends if you're unable to do it.



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