Run Clinic TOMORROW! Plus Extra News...

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    Letter from Dr. Mark
    NRC Newsletter #167 July 21 2022

    Run clinic this Saturday 1-5pm Two Rivers Treads
    Free as always!
    Have an injury or just want some help we are here for you.
    Here is a pic from one of our run clinics this week in Oregon with the USAF and Air National Guard. Nice to stay connected to the service that brought me joy for 29 years
    and running with the team (and special guest Dr Ray McClanahan of Correct Toes) in Forrest Park Portland with proper footwear :)

    and a couple recent podcasts

    From South Africa with friends Dr Eric Westman and Dr Tro Kalayjian
    "Most people don't know their DM2 can be reversed.. it is not common knowledge" - Dr. Westman, Duke University
    LCHF diet: Experts on diabetes remission, LCHF results, where fat and carbs fit in – MUST WATCH - YouTube

    From WVU sponsored “Healthy Harrison Show”. We chat about shoes, running, food, hospitals, health

    Boundless Body Radio
    Compassion in Healthcare

    “On Helping People with Limited Resources Eat Healthy” w friend and Sacred Cow movie/book author/producer Diana Rodgers

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