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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by cupstack, May 29, 2011.

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    Today was a great day for the Arkansas Riverfest 5K Rock n Stroll. I strolled, finished in a little under an hour and acheived my goal in completing it barefoot (the longest distance I've done at one time). There were, probably, over 500 participants (according the race bib numbers) - I saw 1 pair of VFFs, my bare feet, and tons of shoes. I had a great time and after seeing the costume contest, had wished I had gone as Fred Flinstone - oh well, maybe next time. My feet held up well, until this afternoon (feet are sore and have a small blood blister on my left foot and torn skin on my left pinkie toe - form issues or feet weren't quite ready??).

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    Congrats! And ohmygoodness,

    Congrats! :) And ohmygoodness, Fred Flinstone! Great idea for next time! :) :) :) Makes me want to start keeping an eye out for a Wilma costume...
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    Great job, and the smile on

    Great job, and the smile on your face proves you are having fun along the way.
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    Awesome!  I love this

    Awesome! I love this picture. You are just taking it all in stride and enjoying it! Oh, I can do Pebbles! Now we just need a Bam-Bam!
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    Way to go. I almost ran the

    Way to go. I almost ran the Riverfest 5K but I was busy moving to another part of Downtown Little Rock. I will most likely be running the Paws on the Pavement 5K at Murray Park this Saturday. I think shoes are banned at the Paws on the Pavement Race. Well, at least for the dogs. My Official Stair Climb was two weeks ago so I am back to full time running.

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