Review: Xero Shoes Naboso Trail Sport Sandals

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    I was the lucky winner of February's Your Choice Xero Shoes Giveaway Contest. Much gratitude to Steven Sashen/Xero Shoes for offering this!
    I chose the Naboso Trail Sport Sandals to try out and review. I have been intrigued by the Naboso technology and how it might feel for someone who is almost always barefoot, so this was a great opportunity to find out. Xero Shoes offers printable templates for sizes to help more accurately determine which size shoe might be best. After much deliberation, I decided to size down one size from my Z-Trails for a closer fit in length. I found it was more difficult to get the initial adjustments just right on the straps- there is less room for "error" so to speak, with the shorter sole, but once adjusted I really liked it. The web strapping is very soft and comfortable, with micro-hook and loop closure. I will admit I've only worn these sandals around the house thus far, which is ironic since I NEVER wear shoes in the house. But that was the only place/time to wear them leading up to this review - I did my running barefoot as usual, and winter outdoor chores had me wearing my Xero Shoes Xcursion Fusions. So I used the Naboso Trail sandals as therapy footwear I guess. I didn't find the nubbies of the footbed uncomfortable at all, it was simply a sensation under my foot, and as a barefooter this feeling is familiar. I didn't think it was actually doing much of anything, until I slipped the sandals off my feet and began walking barefoot. Suddenly the linoleum didn't feel like it usually does, the carpet didn't feel the same...all the surfaces felt..."fuzzy", I guess I would call it. It all felt so much softer than normal. I can't say whether continued use would offer any particular benefit, but I will say it was a super interesting response. Especially as someone whose soles are used to feeling different surfaces on a regular basis, this still had a unique reaction, which was unexpected. I will report back if I have any more feedback to offer.
    Thanks again for this awesome opportunity!
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