Review: Xero Shoes Alpine Boots

I am the lucky winner of the November 2021 BRS Xero Shoes Giveaway. The good thing now is that if you win, you can also choose the shoe model you want.

As winter has started I thought I’ll give a try to a snow boot named Alpine.

I haven’t been able yet to test the Alpine on snow but it performs extremely well during this winter on wet grass, mud and water puddles.

The grip is excellent and the feet stay warm during all the outing. Never experience the feeling of the feet getting progressively colder. Warm and dry feet is all you want when the weather is cold and wet and the Alpine gives it to you.

The look is nice and the lacing easy.

Ground feedback is not bad, given it is a boot.

The boots are so comfy that that when I tried them first I was thinking that the ankle was too loose but once I got used to them I was not feeling this was a problem.

What I really like is that after an outing in muddy terrain, I get the Alpines very easily cleaned with water and a few brush strokes.

The perfect combination for the winter outings is Alpine boots with a pair a ski socks and this combination is also good whenever your feet gets cold.

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