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    Hi, was lucky enough to win the June Xero shoes giveaway. I had just started using Prios, so decided to try HFS. Steven was great, and sent them from Australia so they arrived much quicker than the Prios had, from USA. I live in NZ, it's cold here, so my barefeet appreciated covering :)

    Ground Feel- yes, good

    Zero Drop- yes, of course


    Toe Box- not as wide as the Prios so felt a little firmer on my foot

    Weight- definitely lighter than the Prios but I am not experienced enough to "feel" the difference while running

    Comfort- I can wear them all day, for all activities and find them comfortable

    Fit- I went up half a size as recommended on the website, and it is probably necessary but due to the narrower toebox area, I sometimes seem to catch the toe while running. Maybe my form, but doesn't happen in my Prios

    Traction- not had any issues even though the roads are icy. Haven't been on trails so can't comment

    Durability_ they are holding up well but are still new

    Performance- shoes could perform miracles but this old lady, not so much, but they feel good when I'm running. I never give them a thought, so obviously great.

    Cross Training- I have not done any

    Design- as I said they are narrower through the toebox. I am sure they would suit many, I just like the wider toebox.

    Aesthetics - HFS look more like a regular trainer, but they feel great.

    Hope this makes sense! I feel so lucky to have two pairs that I can alternate for different runs.

    I run 4 times a week and am building back to 10kms. Aiming for half and full marathons again as I get stronger with barefoot running.

    Thanks again Barefoot Runners' Society, Steven and Lena.

    Any questions - feel free to ask
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