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    Officer Thomas Giunta
    5K Memorial Road Race

    By BFGD

    Finished my first official 5K race yesterday. I was a bit anxious, but excited, and my wife ran the race also. She passed me at about 2.5 miles on a hill and she greeted me at the finish. She is great on hills! Only one person spoke to me about about bare feet, and asked if I had read "Born to Run" (which I haven't, but I've definitely heard about it). I did get a lot of looks though, some curious, some confused.

    It was cold, so I wore my SNOX socks to the starting line, and put them in my pockets about 10 minutes before we started. I had a sweatshirt but ran with it tied around my waist.

    In spite of the cold, it was a GREAT first experience of running in a crowd. Looking forward to more! Might never have happened without being motivated here, so thanks to all barefooters here!

    Officer Thomas Giunta
    5K Memorial Road Race

    Fall River, MA

    Temp (F/C) 39/4

    Time 26:39
    Pace 8:34/mi
    Date 4/8/18
    Overall 180/697
    M 137/319
    M 40-49 33/75

    Not a "picture person" myself, so this pic is courtesy of Racewire:


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    Great job BFGD! I will be googling SNOX socks shortly :)
    Keep up the great work!
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