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    Refocusing on strength training -yoga and weights- is really paying off! Yoga is really something I need to do pretty much daily, forever - at least 15 minutes- it doesn't take much - child pose, upward facing dog, cat/cow, a moving version of a combination of downward facing dog/plank/push-ups - and moving reverse of this, like table and bridge, combined. There are other exercises I need to do pretty much every day, that I should be able to do in about 20 minutes once I reach maintenance - like "side-ups", PT and running exercises targeted toward glutes, and ankle and calf exercises. Ultimately, I would like to work back up to one 10 mile day of running, and two 5 mile days, and two days of weights with upper body focus using repetition-to-failure/half mile of walking backward/walking lunges forward/backward. The other two days I'd like to spend hiking and swimming, which are leisurely "recovery" exercises to me.

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