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    Levi Dodd
    June 2011

    As the standard introduction, I will periodically be posting these reviews of various products and brands.
    At the end (a few months), I will publish all of the reviews in a PDF and make that available to anyone who wishes.
    Note that I am reviewing products that I have done a good bit of research on First before including them in my list of products to review so I am anticipating most all of the products will receive favorable feedback (these are not 'blind' tests).
    Also, all reviews will be posted on my blog and on my facebook page as well (The blog will include all the pictures)


    As most people know, Compression gear is meant to increase blood flow (and some say ‘squeeze’ out lactic acid) and improve performance while aiding with recovery.

    Admittedly, I was a bit of a skeptic on compression gear as it seemed, on the surface, to be a bit fad driven and followed the thought I’m trying to get people away from (‘you’d run better if you Just had _X_ product!’). With that said, I began thinking about how each time I had to have knee surgery (6 times…) I had to wear compression sleeves on my legs to reduce swelling and save me from blot clots – by increasing blood flow/circulation… so I decided to give compression a true go and put several types, brands, and lines to the test; today we have a Boulder, CO company founded by Susan Eastman Walton (a cycler and runner herself): RecoFit (the name is derived from RECOvery and FITness).

    Today we move on to 2 products for review from from RecoFit:

    ArmCoolerCompression Sleeves

    These were a first for me. Never before had I ever tried (or even thought about trying) arm coolers or arm compression of any kind. With that said, I was presented with the opportunity to try these out from RecoFit, and here’s what I found:

    Of course the principles of compression and why you would wear them stay the same. To that end, the arm sleeves fit great, they stayed put, didn’t rub or slide or cause any irritation. What was impressive to me was that putting them on (just straight out of the package), I really could feel a ‘cool sensation’ on my arms (similar to how IcyHot feels when you first put it on). It was mild, but certainly noticeable.

    I took them on a run and about half way through I emptied my water bottle on both arms (as RecoFit suggests) and drenching the sleeves in cold water helped to super-charge them. Though the sleeves dried quickly, the extra cool feeling remained and did, in fact, help to keep me cool over the course of my run.

    This was a hard product for me to review because admittedly, I’m just not personally interested in it. It seemed to do what it was designed to do, but I, personally, just don’t see the need for the product. As such, I have no experience with similar products with which to compare this one. That said, if you have a desire for such a product (I would imagine this would be well suited for cyclist – which I am not), it did keep me cool, the compression was consistent, it held in place, and it does sport 50+ UV protection.

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