Ran the Hong Kong half-marathon barefoot... and achieved a personal best!

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    Ran the Hong Kong half-marathon barefoot... and achieved a personal best!

    By Visions Of Asia

    Hello guys.
    Sorry for not having been much around, but I have basically been locked up in 60 km² for two years because of the very stringent Covid quarantine rules in Hong Kong (21 days in a hotel if you are coming back from a "high-risk" area (basically 90 countries already). Not much to tell that I have not already done, so judged it was better not to bore you with the details of my training...

    Anyway, earlier, end of October, the authorities decided to allow the Hong Kong marathon to go on, this time, conditional to all participants being vaccinated and tested prior to the race.

    If anybody recalls, my previous half-marathon was about two years ago, on a very hilly terrain. This time, the terrain being flatter, I managed to surprise myself with a personal best, at 2h26. Great satisfaction thereafter, and the desire to go even faster...

    Here is the full story with the pics: https://visionsofasia.asia/2021/12/22/running-the-half-marathon-of-hong-kong-barefoot/

    On the down side, it has been one week now, that I had a little accident while running downhill on a paved road. I tripped on my right big toe, lost balance, fell down and grazed right leg (some nice road rash). I resumed running slowly today and... managed again to trip on the same toe (this time while walking: it would seem my right foot tends to drag as this incident tends to happen quite often and always with the right toe). I was operated from ACL on my left leg, but this series of incidents leads me to think there is an issue with my right leg or foot.
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    Well done VoA!
    Nice report too..
    Look after that toe now..:barefoot:
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    Congratulation. Hope the toe heals quickly
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    Oh no! I hope you get that toe problem resolved.

    Congrats on your race finish and results.

    I'm mirroring your report to the home page. Thank you for sharing with all of us here. Good luck to you!
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