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    So here is my assessment - after analyzing the video, again. Cuz I know you all had nothing better to do with your time than read about how I am going to keep myself in once piece at an obstacle course.


    I have reviewed the videos of the obstacles at Race the Reaper - this is my safe assessment. I can only lift 30 pound of weight with my arms, and that's AFTER 3 months of weight training, so, I am NOT doing any monkey bars at Race the Reaper. Rope stuff is fine because I can slow myself down with my feet to some extent (maybe) - I am considering wearing my (highly modified/even toe-less) VFFs because of this. I don't jump through the air from one balancing object to another balancing object, so that one's out. I will carry ONE tire around my neck...I think. What especially does not look pleasant is that rope behind the knees (the horizontal rope climbing thing - yeouch) and I will at the very least wear long pants to help with that. I'm too short to "jump up on anything" (like that one super-tall structure) -unless someone plans to assist me, and I will assume that assistance will be unavailable, unless I hear otherwise. Everything else is doable. I am especially looking forward to that web of vertically hung tires!!!

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