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    I was the lucky winner of the October 2020 BRS Xero Shoes Giveaway Contest.
    After having entered several giveaway contests with no luck, I was hoping this time would be the one, and I was so happy when TJ announced that I’d won!
    I want to thank TJ for doing such a great job running and keeping BRS active and current, and for partnering with Xero Shoes and doing the giveaway contests so often.

    Some background first, I’ve been a BRS member for a little more than 2 years, I joined while I was transitioning to minimalist sandals and taking my first steps barefoot.
    The only minimalist shoes I’ve worn are Xero Shoes, my first pair were the Z-Treks and I fell in love with them immediately. Then I wanted to give the sandal style a try and got the Clouds and the Genesis. The Genesis became my go to sandals for running, they helped me transition from minimalist to barefoot, I would go out for runs and start with the Genesis and then would take them off and continued barefoot. In a 4 month span I split the distances of my runs between the Genesis and being fully unshod 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 until I reached 50/50, that’s when I started to increase the distance of my runs. After 6 months I started running mostly barefoot, and would use the Genesis once or twice a week to rest my foot soles a bit, and would use the Clouds for walking and whenever my foot soles hurt a bit.

    Having said that, and since now I run mostly unshod, I decided to try a different product from Xero Shoes, so I chose the Xcursion minimalist hiking boots.
    I wanted to do my review after having tested them in proper conditions: walking/running in trails and mountain terrain. Since I haven’t had the opportunity to do so and because I didn’t want to delay my review anymore, I’ve been wearing the Xcursions for a couple of weeks doing everyday errands and things.

    Customer Service – as with my previous experience with Xero Shoes, it’s great. Steve Sachen sent an email explaining me the process for receiving my price, and he kept assisting me and following up when I had to change the size of the boots. That’s very impressive, the owners being personally involved making sure you receive the best customer service experience, wow!

    Sizing and Fit – I use size 11 for the Z-treks, Clouds and Genesis, so I decided to go with size 11 for the Xcursions.
    When I received them and tried them they felt too tight, with/without socks. My toes felt a bit compressed, no room for movement. I decided to exchange them for a size 11.5. Xero Shoes made the exchange process very easy, I received the new boots within a few days.
    The 11.5 Xcursions fit perfectly, they have an ample toe box, I can move my toes, yet they make your feet feel secure.

    Comfort, Ground Feel and Zero Drop – I never thought hiking boots could be so comfortable, the Xcursions feel great, I don’t even feel I’m wearing boots.
    You can feel the ground with the boots, almost like when wearing the Z-treks, I haven’t tried them in tough terrain though.
    They have thin removable insoles, I’ve used them with and without the insoles, not much difference.
    It took me a day to get used to the Zero Drop feel with the boots, I like how it feels, I’m used to it now.

    Waterproof and Traction – I’ve worn them on rainy days, have kept my feet dry. I’m not sure how they’ll perform on trails, stepping on large puddles and crossing water streams. From other reviews I’ve read, I take it they’re not perfect but well enough.
    As for traction so far so good, they get the job done.
    Zero Shoes in general don’t have exceptional traction, but then again they work well for me.

    Design and Aesthetics – The Xcursions look great, and most people agree. They catch your eye!
    It’s a nice “not too rough looking” hiking boot.
    Well-designed and thought out product, like all Xero Shoes.

    Summary – the Xero Shoes Xcursion boots give your feet freedom and protection while being comfortable and are truly zero drop minimalist. I highly recommend them.
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