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    Prio All Day from Xero Shoes review

    I received a brand new pair of Prio All Day from Xero Shoes free of charge to try them on and review them.
    One thing I really like about Xero Shoes as a company is the constant interaction with their clients.
    Listening to them, Xero Shoes decided to develop an all-day barefoot shoe for people that spend long hours on their feet, walking or standing.

    Their design is based on their highly successful Prio model, which is a barefoot running and fitness shoe.

    The Prio All Day:
    · Has a protective upper body made of full grain leather
    · The characteristic instep straps
    · They have a light insole, simple to take out and put back in
    · They have Thin, Flexible, Feel-True rubber sole with a very good traction pattern
    · They have a wide toe box
    · Each men’s shoe weights 11 ounces
    · And of course they are Zero drop
    · Like all Xero products, they’re backed with a 5000 mile warranty

    I’ve had them for a couple of weeks, tried them on different conditions and activities:
    · Walking on concrete, asphalt, gravel, even ran with them,
    · Used them for Work and Daily Errands
    · Went to a music festival, and a couple of night outs.

    So here is my assessment:
    Since I’ve been running barefoot for the last few years my feet have gotten wider I can barely withstand wearing regular shoes, my feet feel constricted, they hurt after a while.
    After wearing the Prio All Day I can tell you I’m really happy with them, they feel good, comfortable.
    Their wide toe box allow my toes to move freely, I don’t feel any constriction.
    After wearing them all day I don’t have any discomfort or pain.
    The Zero drop and feel-true sole allow you to feel the ground while being protected.

    These are great barefoot shoes for work when you are required to do a lot of errands, walking and standing, and even some casual running.

    I ran a couple of miles with them to see how they performed, they felt pretty good.

    · They’re lightweight considering they’re made of leather, they feel robust and sturdy enough to withstand long active days at work.
    · They’re comfortable and sporty
    · You don’t compromise your posture while wearing them
    · They allow you to move more naturally providing the right dose of support and stability

    All in all, I really like the Prio All Day
    I highly recommend them.

    You can look at my video review here:
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