Prequel to Persevere in da Preserve -GR, MI 6-16-10

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    Prequel to Persevere in da Preserve[Persevere in da Preserve is a 31 mile+ long run event scheduled for Sat. July 10th] What: 5-8 mile trail run through Buck Creek and Palmer Park Preserve from Andy Grosvenor's House (aka snowshoe_hare)When: Weds.. June 16th, 6:30pmWhere: 1760 41st Street SW, Wyoming, MI 49519Who: You, barefoot runners, minimalist runners, or those interested in either BFR or MR.Why: Because we get to...To Bring: Potluck-Style Event, please bring either food or drink to share. {I will have a big pot of chili; with noodles to add; water, juice, iskiate, beer, and wine to drink;... Ideas to add: appetizers, desserts, more chia, a 6-pack of micro-brews would be popular, or choose your own... Thank you in advance}
    PLEASE RSVPSee you sooner than later, eh!?!?,+Andy G.aka snowshoe_hare

    I just wanted to pass along the invite to all you folks out there... It's a small world (sometimes, maybe not at mile 35 of 50 miles)... maybe you can swing by, eh!?!?!



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