Predictable and always recurring pain between 2nd and 3rd toe

Discussion in 'Ask the Docs' started by jlubkoll, Jun 20, 2011.

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    The pain is short living

    The pain is short living after the run, therefore generally it does sound (from my limited knowledge) more like neuroma.

    For a stress fracture I understand that the pain would not simply go away after short period of not moving the parts in question. I've had at least two (upper tibia left leg, left foot - felt like what I would now call TMTS) in my short running life. Last xray (2 yrs ago) I had for that one showed that the foot one healed without treatment, haven't had the tmts hurting since then.

    This pain is only short lived after the run, it goes away quickly. However it's status did not change over 12 month. Not better, not worse. It never happens with even pretty flat shoes (like asics hyperspeed 4). It happens with VFF however and barefoot even earlier.

  2. sounds right, I would lean

    sounds right, I would lean toward neuroma
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    So happy to read these

    So happy to read these posts!! I have this exact thing going on on y right foot. I have been weariong VFFs adn minimalist shoes and just starting barefooting.

    I thought it was for the Vffs(altho I love them) and was worried. I do have a Morton's toe. My pain is sever at some points after about 4m and then often completely goes away until I am done running. This does sound a lot like what I have .What causes this???

    Aslo-does anyone know-do VFFs make it worse??
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    Studies show the number one

    Studies show the number one cause of Morton's Neuroma is the types of shoes we wear. Shoes that have a too-narrow or tight toe box squeeze the metatarsals together, thereby compressing the nerves. Shoes that have an elevated heel force the wearing to place their weight over the forefoot. Combine the two, and not good.

    I cannot wear my VFFs for very long anymore, since my MN has progressed, but I will say that compressing the metatarsals or spreading the metatarsals for too long a period of time will eventually cause the neuromas to "fire" (that's what I call it) and become painful. When you spread the metatarsals, depending upon your structure, you create a "V" with your bones, and that V can also compress the metatarsals into the nerves. Look at the bottom of the V. If the neuroma is close to the bottom of the inside of the V, it gets squeezed. I know this from experience, lots of experience. You may be different in your structure, so you will have to experience it a few times to know for sure. I have the Yoga Toes, that device you put your toes through to spread them, and after about 15 minutes, I have to take them off because my toes start to hurt.
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    I hope that the videos can help you with your pain between your second and third toe.

    Self-Help Deep Tissue Treatment Under The Big Toe And Second Toe

    Self-Help Deep Tissue Treatment Above The Big Toe And Second Toe

    Demonstrates Scissor Stretching Of The Feet

    Stretching Great For Mortons Neuromas And Narrow Heels

    Stretching Of The Foot While Sitting At Your Chair


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