Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival Barefoot 5K

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    View the race courtesy of JamieoftheNorth on YouTube.

    Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival Barefoot 5K
    A Barefoot Runner's Paradise
    By Preston Curtis

    The inaugural Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival Barefoot 5K was a barefoot runners paradise. It was a really good barefoot showing with 34 barefoot runners in one race. There were two divisions: Barefoot and Shod. Participants in the Barefoot Division could not wear anything on their feet.Participants in the Shod Division were permitted to wear minimalistic footwear including Vibram Five Fingers, water/aqua shoes, and huraches. No running shoes, racing flats, track or xc spikes, or sports sandals were allowed. The"Barefoot Division" consisted of 34 runners, while the "Shod Division" included 26 minimalist runners. Quite impressive was the top 3 finishers of the "Barefoot Division" had fastertimes than the "Shod Division." The 5K course was managable by new barefoot runners who did quite well showing that good runners with good form are able to pick up barefoot running and place well.

    It was an incredible feeling to be with and see so many barefoot runners. A 1st time majority! I alsomet many new barefoot runners and reaquainted with barefoot runners I have met previously. Overall, this was a really fun event, was organized really wel, and hadan idealic setting.

    Check out the very impressive race results here: See results: http://www.coolru...[​IMG]

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