Photos of Madrid's 2016 North vs. South race

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    Hi everyone!
    I took part on this race for the first time ever. In this race there are two competing teams: the North and the South. The race starts in the northern boroughs of the city and goes to the South, finishing somewhere a bit to the South form the city center. This means it goes downhill most of the time and there a net loss of height along the race. It's a pretty quick race and it's easy to break personal records —although this wasn't my case I was quite close to my best 10k time.
    Here are the stats:
    And here go some pics.
    IMG_20160619_080422.jpg IMG_20160619_080532.jpg IMG_20160619_080650.jpg IMG_20160619_100333.jpg IMG_20160619_100340.jpg IMG_20160619_100430.jpg IMG_20160619_101247.jpg IMG_20160619_101312.jpg IMG_20160619_101726.jpg
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    those good old times!

    penica da ver fotos de las "carreras" donde nos juntábamos a echarnos unas risas y correr un poco. Cagoentó.

    Saludos y espero sigas disfrutando de correr (descalzo).

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