Pain in Right Lower Back & Right Hip Tension

Discussion in 'Ask the Docs' started by Ryan Burtch, Sep 5, 2014.

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    Sep 5, 2014
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    I have been Barefoot Running (VFFs) for about 2 years and have just started having pain in my right lower back and tension in my right hip. This started when I began training for a marathon by increasing my run time, increasing my pace, and run frequency.

    I have been going to a physical therapist who is telling me that I have multiple issues w/ asymmetries when comparing my hip flexors, big toe flexibility, heal whip, etc. Basically, my left side is perfect, but my right side is not symmetrical w/ my left.

    My PT doesn't have experience w/ Barefoot Running, so I just wanted to bounce my symptoms off of you.

    Please let me know any thoughts or recommendations.

    - Ryan
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    ryan it is really important to get symmetric whether you wear shoes or not. VFF not barefoot and tougher to correct things. need to work on the issues you desrcibe and be willing to go really east until you achieve symmetry. loading dysfunction increases it. good news is you can fix it. mark
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    Asymmetry is unfortunately what kills a runner functionally, and creates the chronic problems many runners experience. The problem is inherited and we are typically walking in a similar manner to our parents due to inherited traits which can be amplified by running. Unfortunately, we are not all thoroughbreads :).

    Achieving symmetry is very important with running rhythm and to the way we distribute weight from the ground up as we move forward during both walking and running. Your core is where the energy is transferred, and where you develop power from with the legs being secondary, as well as the arms and shoulders as you counter stride with them during the gait cycle.

    If the core is distorted, from asymmetrical weight bearing, you will feel worse after your runs, rather than better. The first thing you need to do is make the core more symmetrical by working the rectus abdominus, obliques, erector spinae as well as quadratus lumborum. Secondarily you need to work the myofascia more flexible in the legs. Foam rollers are general a way to loosen tightened fascia in those areas, however, it you require more specific work, a good myotherapist can help or a good sports chiropractor who does ART (a style of myofascial release), Graston or other myofascial treatment capable of doing so. Chiropractic manipulation can help get the joint in the pelvis and extremities moving much better which can help improve your gait as well.

    Finally, you may consider a minimalist shoe with a superfeet insole which can correct marked asymmetry and help you get your gait more symmetrical. While you may like barefootin, some of us may require alittle help and this is a light handed approach to doing so that has worked well for many of our patients who run.

    Hope that helps.

    DR. C.
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