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    I know I am probably doing it all wrong, my feet are killing me. I stubbed the ball of my foot on uneven pavement Thursday night, I have only been running barefoot .5 mile at the end of my runs, wore my vff Saturday for a trail run. My left foot is swollen, and I am limping. On the up side I think the blisters are healed.

    I went to NaturalStrides Saturday after my run (THEY ARE AWSOME!) he did a video analysis and sure enough I am totally still heel striking. I would have sworn I wasn't . I am looking for any tips. I still have to train for a half in February. I would like to do it barefoot, but not sure if that is possible. I have a half ironman in May.

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    My own thoughts would bethese:

    1. Work more on getting your stride right doing home exercises. Ken Bob Saxton's book "Barefoot Running Step by Step" has a number of them. I am doing yoga now in combination with running. It improves my balance flexibility and stride. And I run much worse when I'm not doing it!

    2. You need to lift your feet more! They shouldn't be so low that you risk hitting uneven spots in the pavement.

    3. The ball of your foot shouldn't so much "strike" the ground as kiss it. When I'm hitting my stride correctly, I start on the outside edge of my forefoot and roll around to the area behind my big toe. It's a soft, padding movement that leaves me with almost no sense of impact.

    Just a few thoughts.

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