Orange Curtain Ultra 50k/100k February 25, 2017

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    Orange Curtain Ultra 50k/100k
    By Alan S[/URL]
    Barefoot Ted ran the 100k barefoot years ago

    Course type
    Road 100k/50k and other distance.
    Course is a paved bike path with 80% adjacent dirt path.
    Very barefoot-able 4.5/5 toes.
    Out and back type 10k wash, rinse and REPEAT.

    Well I ran a 50k barefoot.
    This may be getting out of hand...or just a start.

    I ran this last year but I chose the 20k as a fun run to build to my first barefoot marathon (and first marathon) at Orange County Marathon in May 2016. This is a great course for a Personal Best, which I did... of course. This was my second time reaching a 50k distance, my first being a month prior I ran the Avalon benefit 50k in January in Luna Sandals.
    The Orange Curtain Ultra is a small local race that has the feel of the Ultra community, which sucked me right in, while being a gateway between road running and Ultra running. Great people.

    I was nervous about the back and forth type of course and that was all everyone mentioned/ complained about when they asked about it. I even made a running playlist of pump up music as a just in case; a sign how twisted I was, I don't run at all with music. I didn't need to be nervous nor did I need the play list. I ran without shoes and entertainment... AND LOVED IT!


    Last 6 miles were rough as I was fighting tinder feet and a clock that was ticking close to my goal. Yet, just when I needed a lift in my spirits, my wife and kids arrived and cheered me at several points on the last stretch, which was most needed.

    Just picking up running two years ago, it is still very hard for me to even consider myself a runner, marathoner or ultra marathoner. It is even more amazing to describe myself as a barefoot ultra marathoner. I am proud of how far I have come. Just last year, I had only run 13 miles barefoot. There have been many post that I have gained inspiration and information to push myself beyond my perceived limitations. Thank you.

    Any one barefooting LA marathon? ... I am ;)

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    Congrats Alan.
    Great run & nice report too..
    I especially like the last 'we love our Dad' pic!:)...
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    Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment, especially after only 2 years of running!
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    Adorable boy! Love the sign. Thanks for sharing. To the home page, it goes.
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    Well done!! That's a great achievement. Love your support crew!
    And special shout out for doing a multiple loop route- lots of mental strength there!
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