Optimal Athletic Performance and Wellness Conference (Jan. 21)

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    Optimal Athletic Performance and Wellness Conference

    Come join us up the road in Chambersburg PA!

    Conference targeted for athletes, coaches, and health professionals

    About the event
    Are you looking to take your athletic performance to the next level? Are you ready for a personalized performance program? Looking to optimize your soft tissue so you can stay injury-free? Want to know the best ways to train your body for endurance competition?

    Come learn from local and regional experts in human performance as we explore a variety of topics related to fitness and wellness in Chambersburg’s newest event venue.

    Presentation Topics:

    • Preparing the mind for peak performance: Mental Toughness and the Champion's Mindset - Dr. Michael Day
    • Injury Prevention - Roxanne Gilmore
    • Soft Tissue Maintenance - Doug Bertram
    • Creating a Personalized Strength and Conditioning Program - Ryan Fritz
    • Resistance Training for the Endurance Athlete - Marissa Feldberg
    • Blood Flow Restriction Training - Kevin Gilmore
    • Metabolic Zones of Exercise, Energy Pathways and Metabolic Flexibility - Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

    For more info and to register go here.

    Happy NY!
    Mark and TRT Team

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