open water swim technique

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Triathletes' started by scedastic, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Watch the vid from Sid.

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    HI - This post really went off the rails there didnt it? I am doing my first year of TRI racing this year and loving it. I got into TRI because I kept reading about cross training and eventually decided to break out the old bike. After a couple 10-14 mile rides on a mountain bike, figured out that a road bike would be better. This year I bought a new intro-level road bike and I even have a wetsuit on the way.

    I am horrible at open water swimming. We just did a mock sprint triathlon this week. 30 participants, no prizes, basically the people in the YMCA TRI club. My goggles (I paid for "better ones") werent sealing, I would stop and try to adjust but it wouldnt keep a seal. I was able to make it out to the last buoy, but on the way back, assumed I wouldnt have to sight right off, since its just turning around. I ended up way off course. Ended up talking to lifeguard/kayaker 2 times. 2nd time I said, "I cant see anything" - The setting sun was in my eyes of my un-tinted water-filled goggles and the other swimmers were mostly on shore. Then I found my buoy and had a decent finish.

    My recommendations are few and with limited experience.
    (1) get as much time in the pool as possible. 2-3x a week is good
    (2) get as much open water time as possible. 1-2x a week for 4 weeks is good
    (3) dont plan on using a wetsuit for race unless you get plenty of time to practice in it.

    2 good options for wetsuit. I bought mine from Xterra through the link and discount code (BT) for $130. I was considering renting a wetsuit online (google tri wetsuit rental) - for $45 they get it to you 10 days before your race. For $60 you get it 17 days before your race.
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