NY/Rochester - Official BRS Get Together - Mind the Ducks 12 Hour Ultra

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    Date: Sat 05/14/11 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM EDT
    Link: Mind the Ducks 12 Hour

    Mind The Ducks 12 Hour 2011 is now an official Barefoot Runner's Society Meetup!

    Timed race on approximately half mile paved asphalt footpath surrounding Trout Lake in beautiful Seneca Park. Participants will have 12 hours to walk or run as many loops as they can.

    The festivities will include a fun pre-race get together hosted by barefoot ultrarunner, Jason Robillard. On race day, runners in all states of shoelessness are welcome to test their toes on the asphalt loop. Come out and network with other barefoot runners, and learn from the pros!

    More details to follow, so check back often at http://www.mtd12hour.org/brs_meetup.

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