[Nov 8, 2014] Running Workshop with Chris Adams & Stretch Fit (The Becket School)

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Running Workshop with Chris Adams & Stretch Fit
Start Date: Nov 8, 2014 09:30 AM
End Date: Nov 8, 2014 04:30 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT

The Becket School
Becket School, West Bridgford, Nottingham

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This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
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    This workshop has been brought to you by Chris Adams, an expert running coach and Nolan Foster & Jade Brown of Stretch Fit Yoga & Pilates – specialist in developing flexibility, functional strength and preventing injury.

    If you want to improve your running technique & efficiency and learn to run without pain, tightness or niggling discomfort, then please contact us for more information or to book at: info@stretchfityoga.co.uk

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