Nick Lawson is running barefoot from South Africa to Tunisia

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    Love Without Borders

    Twenty-seven-year old Nick Lawson is running barefoot from South Africa to Tunisia. He started on February 13 from Cape Agulhas and will finish his journey in 1 year. He arrived February 18 in Jeffreys Bay. Check out the pictures below about his visit there.

    His message is spreading a global awareness for love and encouraging participation in movements and causes that assist others. He will raise money for different charities.

    We are currently looking for runners who are interested in running parts of his journey with him.

    You can follow his journey on this map:,24.33786847435283&z=8

    You can also follow his journey on our social media sites:

    FACEBOOK: Run For Love 2018
    INSTAGRAM: runforlove2018

    If someone wants to run with us or send some suggestions, comments, questions, contacts or have anything you feel we should hear, please contact us at:

    Marie-Louise Jones
    Run For Love

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