New Two Rivers Treads Virtual Store Offerings - Better Selection and Zoom Fittings

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    Letter from Dr. Mark
    NRC Newsletter #116 July 7 2020
    New Two Rivers Treads Virtual Store Offerings - Better Selection and Zoom Fittings
    We are at about mile 2 of the Covid Marathon me think and no better time to get out and restore your health if your running has been on a bit of lockdown. Now we can better serve you from anywhere in the country!
    As a thank you for supporting us we will include a signed paperback copy of "Run For Your Life" (click to the resource page for lots of videos on movement and running)

    We're so grateful for our friends at On Running and Altra Footwear. Thanks to them you can shop small with a much wider variety of options. We can now offer nearly their whole line of products through our website - all the styles and colors - that we can ship directly to your door. Check out what we currently have from On and Altra today. We're still working on getting a few more items up on the site, so if there's a particular model or color you're looking for from either brand, send us a note and we're happy to work on getting that for you.

    We're also thrilled to launch our newest web feature - our virtual fittings! Our doors are open, but for those not comfortable coming in, or for those who don't live near-by, we want to provide our services for you online. In order for us to figure out what you need, we've put together a contactless fit process that we can do entirely over Zoom.

    Schedule your next fit, and we'll all keep running together (at a distance, of course)!


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