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    I have size 15, low-volume, very flat feet. The most comfortable shoes I have run in are the Brooks Addiction, although I suspect this is due not to the motion control, but the shape....or my feet have a natural varus (or valgus?) angle to them and that motion control helps with that.

    I tried some Xero shoes, but not the Prios; the TerraFlex. The issue I have with most shoes, those included, was that when just standing around or walking around my house, I feel the need to rotate my heel to the outside to relieve some pressure/odd feelings on the area just forward of my heel; basically as if the shoe and my foot don’t line up exactly. Maybe it is an arch thing?

    I have switched to Altra Escalantes for runs, but the soreness I get AFTER the run is making me think they are maybe best served for shorter runs/speed work. That and, after a few months, my ankles still become sore as well. Thoughts?

    Which Xeros might work for me? Another brand? I want to switch to barefoot or minimalist shoes for running/everyday, but I don’t want to be uncomfortable as that rotating thing is annoying.

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    Welcome, Cbiscuit! Love your screen name! :barefoot: I have moved your thread to the Gear & Footwear forum with a redirect that will expire in a few days, so you will be able to find it in both locations. Glad to have you here.

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