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    Date: Fri 06/17/11 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM MDT
    Link: We were even in the newspaper. Here's the list of starting locations for June!
    Runs are a minimum of 2 miles and might end in a different place from where they started. The route is a mystery, with a route YOU have to figure out as a team, sort of like Hash House Harriers, but different. Lemonade is available at the end! We'll have two BBQ's this month. Families are welcome to meet us at the end if they don't want to run/ride along. If family wants to meet us, message Peggy for end location.

    Start locations of upcoming Allliance YMCA Run/Walk club runs: June 2: Parking lot across from Zesto’s June 9: Central Park Fountain June 16: Library Parking Lot (BBQ afterward) June 23: In Front of Thiele’s Pharmacy June 30: Berean Church Parking Lot (BBQ afterward)

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