My review of The Summit Seeker.

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    I wanted to share with all of you, my review of The Summit Seeker, by Vanessa Runs.
    The Summit Seeker speaks to humanity at large –and it will also speak to you, the reader, as a unique individual.

    This is not your standard “life lessons” book, in that, Vanessa is able to take us beyond the psycho-somatic connection, inherent to running, into the metaphysical relationship between the spirit and running –while infusing her introspection with the magic of the natural world.

    Vanessa beautifully expresses the profound mental, emotional and physical suffering, that the ultrarunner chooses to experience, as a blessing –as is all suffering in life, “It would seem that one of the main goals in our society is to avoid suffering, and yet suffering is part of what we crave as ultrarunners. It is a big part of what makes our victory so sweet.”

    Vanessa lays open the heart of the true runner’s spirit when she reflects upon the legacy of, Caballo Blanco, “The spirit of ultrarunning must always embrace selflessness, generosity, adventure and strength. These are thing that cannot die.”

    Each of you will find your own personal message in her story – for me it was the following: “But when I quit my job my definition of never working again was simple: I will never again do anything for pay that I wouldn’t be happy to do for free.” This serendipitous message traveled through time space, via Vanessa, to me at a critical time in my life. A time, when I too, have decided to never again do anything for pay that I would not be happy to do for free!

    Thank you so much, Vanessa, for sharing such a personal part of yourself with the world!

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    Thanks Jen! I'm so happy you enjoyed it, and please keep in touch!

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