My barefoot running technique sucks..

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by flammee, Jun 25, 2020.

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    Mar 11, 2012
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    I started barefoot running bit over ten years ago, back then my running was okay, I didn't get blisters running barefoot and didn't get too much running injuries. Then I found trail running and moved on to mostly using minimal shoes, with some occasional barefoot runs. Also moved to smaller city with more trails and fewer good smooth asphalt roads to run. So, last year I moved back to bigger city and just this week started barefoot running on smooth roads again. Feels great, but I get blisters at the balls of my feet. I think I'm pushing with too much force - when there's some damage done and my soles are tender it felt like my feet were pawing backwards. I also pound the road quite hard. Or at least when running on treadmill, there's quite a loud pounding, physical therapist said that I was heel striking, but I feel the contact happening first on ball of my feet. She also told me that I was dorsiflexing too much. My heels also got some blisters at the first barefoot run, but today they didn't get any worse. I have tried relaxing my ankles and even trying to intentionally flex my feet downwards, but I don't feel any effect.

    And I have some achilles injuries. I have some exercises prescribed, which I'm lazily doing. After these barefoot runs my both achilles has been more okay than compared to after minimal shod trail runs.

    Any ideas what to do techniquewise? I probably need to regenerate some skin before barefooting again, so it's probably minimalist trail running for a day or two.
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    Can you post videos of your running, trail then road, shod then bare? I'm sure you're bound to get some more accurate feedback.

    The exercises you're doing are good for strengthening your feet and connective tissues, achilles definitely, since perhaps you've lost some of that strength while running in shoes, so be sure to keep that up.
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