My 2nd Barefoot Half Marathon

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    My 2nd Barefoot Half Marathon
    By Elad

    I did it the second time.

    In the Jerusalem Marathon race.

    Jerusalem Marathon is well known for its uphills and downhill. Nobody is going to this race to try to do a new personal record. It is impossible. Everybody is coming to this race just for pure fun.

    It is called "A race for the soul."

    Therefore, I decided to do this race barefoot.

    We reached the the staging area before sunrise. The temperature was cold. I was afraid that I did a serious mistake to leave my shoes at home. (I live close to Tel-Aviv were the weather is already warm. I was surprised by the morning chill in Jerusalem.)

    But after one KM of running I got warm up enough to enjoy the rest of the race.

    I was running together with my friend and he set a slow pace so I had a chance to really enjoy the race and the course and the environment.

    Some streets were tough and itchy. Some were smooth and spoiling.

    We crossed the finish line together at 2:23:52.


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