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    May 18, 2016
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    Hi All,

    I'm a drummer and obsessed barefoot runner living in Sydney, Australia. I love running barefoot to work each day (26k round trip) and then doing longer barefoot runs (50-100k) when I can.
    Over the last year I've been exploring ways of approaching the drums in a way that is inspired by feelings that emerge during long runs...things like pendulums in the arms and legs...shifting breath lengths, wandering/processing mind, heartbeats..

    So I wanted to share some music with you that is an attempt to create rhythms and sounds that respond to cyclic and meditative feelings occurring during long runs. The music is about running, not for running..if you get a chance to listen I hope you enjoy.

    If you would like to listen (for free) please visit:

    If anyone is barefoot running in Sydney please let me know...would be fun to run!
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    Wow! Very interesting. I've not heard of this approach before. I think I've felt this way on some of my long runs. Serene. Although I was waiting for a car horn to blare at me and wake me up at any moment. :barefoot:

    Please join the Australia Chapter through the Chapters link above. Welcome, Simon!
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    Looking forward to hearing those drums. I have bookmarked the link to listen to them later.
    Welcome to the coomunity!

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